51 objects

51 objects. 

Top shelf:
1. Cocktailglass with note saying ”I fuck you because you publish books”. I experimented with text on objects. The line is from a fellow writer, friend of mine.
2. Invitiation to my exhibition ”The things we never said" at Niklas Belenius Art Gallery in march 2009
3. Drawing with small chairs: ”Not now”
4. Drawing, also with chairs: "Don't tell her"
5. Map of Tristan da Cunha, the remotest populated place on earth
6. A picture of Santeria saints; Chango, Obatala etc. Bought by me at a market in the Dominican Republic sometime in the 90's. During my trip I actually visited a Santeria priest for counselling. He threw some stones on the dirt floor and told me I shouldn't wear black. I always wear black. He offered to give me more advice if I payed for a hen to sacrifice. I declined his offer.
7. Drawing from my husband with loveletter that starts ”I want to draw the greatest drawing.."
8. Toy carousel gift from P
9. Butterfly, found dead and brought home from The Dominican Republic from an amazing island full of butterflies. Displayed in a frame I bought in Sweden.
10. An olive wreath made by P and given to me when he proposed in Catalonia May 2007. We were married two months later.
11. Two cups given to me by  Paula friend  and roommate 1998. We used these cups (and bigger ones) to drink coffee flavoured with vanilla and smoked a lot of cigarettes, while talking about men and discussing if we should get a kitten.
Upper part of drawer:
12. Two small animals in ceramic. Possibly a dog and a sheep. Bought in Mexico on honeymoon with my first husband.
13. A mexican lovecatcher. You put your finger in it and you get stuck. My then boyfriend happened upon it in a street of Stockholm, nighties.
14. Eleborate spoons, wedding gift from our friends in N.Y who are also the kids godparents.
15. Pistachio cookie with almonds, dry. From Venice where we spent New Year 2005.
16.. Our son's birth notice from the paper.
17. Cup from my art show. Inscription says ”I said I loved you when really I was hating myself".
18. A calavera, death as a lady. From Mexico, maybe Oaxaca.
19. A reproduction of drawing by Lousie Borgouise: a male who is pregnant.
20. A jar filled with shells that I picked a summer twenty years ago, different beaches.
21. A frame bought in Rio de Janeiro with picture of a Saint (the black madonna) and my mothers ”In memorian” notice from 2001 when she had been gone ten years.
Lower part of drawer:
22. Pine cone labelled with handwritten note: Lucca, Italy 2007.
23. Little shack made out of a camembert box. Me and my husband, then boyfriend, travelled 2007 with that camembert in the car, and we thought the smell came from shells we had been collecting, we even got chlorine to clean them in the hotelroom. Later on we discovered the origin of the smell. Nothing wrong with the cheese though..
24. Branch with grey moss. Labeled Anna o Christos house, 2007
25. Photo cut out from newspaper; portrait of Marguerite Duras as a young woman.. My favourite book by her is "Le ravissment de Lol V Stein"
26. Photo from newspaper, portait of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector.
27. Shell, probably from Brazil.
28. A small coral or seagrass, origin unknown
29. Shell bought in Parati, Brazil in 2003
30. A small bone, possibly from bird, shape of a plane. Find made by P.
31. Seastar. I know I have found it somewhere but I don’t remember where. You see, those labels are very useful. You think you will remember, and then you don’t.
32. Calavera. Gift from childhood friend K whose sister lives in Mexico City.
33. Sea urchin, bought in Brasil.
34. Small boat made of wood and paper. Made by artist friend Amy Finkbeiner and given to us in company with additional two boats. Amy lives in New York.
35. Pomegranate, dry. Given to P when we first met.
36. Sea urchin bought in Brasil. Once I stepped on a live sea urchin. It was extremely painful and one of the thorns didn’t come out until six months later!
37. Note from P. ”All my shacks are about my longing for you”
38. Shell with a hole in it. Labeled: Bretagne 2007.
39.  Crystal. I don’t remember where I got this, I had it like forever.. Probably got it in Stockholm, sometime during my twenties, that being my new age period, when I believed in the power of stones. As an example: I slept with an amethyst under my pillow to relief sorrow and had this crystal in my right pocket supposedly for good energy. Or was it the left pocket?
40. Shell, origin unknown. Looks exotic.
41. Shell, origin unknown. Same type of shell as 40.
42. Little table for a dollhouse. Bought it a couple of years ago, for art or maybee just for a dream of having a doll house, fully equiped. I dreamt of one when I was a girl, but when I finally got one it was not the dream - in white and pink, but something my mother had made herself in a carpenters workshop.. well..
43. Small turtle, wood, painted, from Brazil.
44. Big shell from Bretagne. Me and P went to Spain by car in 2007. We passed Bretange looking for lighthouses.
45. Chrysler building made of wood, gift from P from one of  many visits in N.Y.
I always go on about how I’d love to live there. But when actually visiting, I feel completely lost. But the dream lives on.
46. Small car, maybe a cab in N.Y - from the same souvenirbag as above.
47. Note, small, on paper ”I love you”.
48. Cookie cutter, shape of a plane. I have a fascination for old fashioned planes. It comes from the books by St Exupery who wrote ”The little prince”. His novels for grownups is mainly about his experience as a pilot and are beautiful.
49. Butterfly out of fabric. Broken, magnet gone.
49. The Statue of Liberty made out of wood.
50. Michael, the archangel, small picture.

On the side:
51. Necklace made out of coloured beads made by my mother while she was expecting me.


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  1. Such a good idea. And a beautiful drawer. Is it old paper in the bottom of it? I want to make one of my own. I usually don´t like to put decorative things around my apartment, but to put them all together like this is a very inspiring idea! Love, Helena